3 Months of Working Out And Still Frustrated?

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About The Author & Founder

I’m Russell Austin Tee. I am a writer, author, and Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) passionate about making fitness work for people. My vision is to help fitness enthusiasts improve their physical appearance, health, and emotional well-being through education, inspiration and empowerment while enjoying life.

Growing up obese, I never really had the highest self esteem. It was always a struggle to see myself in front of the mirror. Even after getting a coach and adopting the “Go Hard or Go Home” mentality, I wasn’t seeing results, and I just ended up miserable as I was restricting and depriving myself from my favorite foods. I decided there had to be a better way.

After spending 5 years learning, testing and experimenting, I’m finally enjoying my favorite foods, eating out with family and friends, and I’m able to keep the weight off! I even joined a bodybuilding competition and was given a special award in front of 5000 people! It felt amazing!

Since then, I became more vocal about sharing my fitness story, giving pieces of advice and knowledge to friends or strangers starting out in their fitness journeys.

I created Fit Underdog because I want people to be able to educate people to help them enjoy their lives and get results. I am excited to share my knowledge with you!

Fit Underdogs’ Lifestyle Progresses​

Self-Paced Programs

Food Freedom Blueprint

A self-paced program with tools to help you take charge of your fitness goals, the Food Freedom Blueprint is your Fitness Bible to clarify your goals and understand the fundamentals. Only backed with credible, scientific information, you are bound to get results when you apply the concepts and philosophies of the Fit Underdog.

Personalized Programs

Signature Program

Transitioning in lifestyle can often become difficult but once achieved, you will be able to have a newfound sense of control and ownership in your life. Our Signature Program is an extremely hands-on lifestyle shift program aimed at helping you discover more about yourself and developing the good habits that matter.

You will be receiving personalized, done-for-you nutrition and workout plans. Schedule your 15-Minute Free Consultation today!

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