Transformative Package


Transformative Package

  • Food Tracking Mastery: Your guide to becoming flexible and free from the food scale. 
  • Cheat Sheet: Your simplified guide that shows you how to do a cut or bulk… at a glance!
  • Transformation Tool: The tool that keeps you accountable, aware, and in check with your progress and goal
  • Food Awareness Tool: The tool that allows you to build awareness, learn more about your emotions, and help prevent you from mindlessly binging and eating
  • Physique Progress Tool: The tool for your dream body that allows you to easily note, compare, and assess your ongoing physical progress
  • Workout Tool: The tool that enables you to note your workouts, lifts, and feels. Available in Black and White or Colored versions.


Would you like to be able to accelerate by 2 or 3x your results from this fitness program… twice as fast?

Of course you would!

That’s why you’re going to love this exclusive offer I have for you.

It’s going to help you speeden up your Food Freedom Blueprint results, so you will be able to enjoy more control and awareness with maximizing your fat burning capabilities… surprising your friends and family, making them think you’re using some kind of illegal drug to live your eat-all-you-want-but-still-have-abs lifestyle.

Introducing The Transformation Package

Normally this sells for ₱3,999, but I’m going to give you an exclusive offer because you’re brand new to the Food Freedom Blueprint.

This special deal is only available on this page, right here, right now and is not offered at this price elsewhere.

If you leave, I charge 2x as much on my website, but on this page, you are going to be getting a HUGE DISCOUNT because you just invested in the Food Freedom Blueprint and I want you to get the best possible results with your journey.

So with this special offer, you’ll get the Transformative Package for less than half of its price!

With these additional tools, you’ll learn even better techniques that I refined, honed, and improved over the last 5 years that allowed me to burn fat faster while devouring almost everything I wanted to eat.

Allow me to share with you how I was able to maximize my journey in the Philippines’ most prestigious Fil-Chi Beauty Pageant, Mr. and Ms. Chinatown Philippines 2019!

It was a three-month long journey with a lot of events, sponsor visits, bonding and learning…

And of course, at every event, we were fed with food.


Despite all the food I was eating…


The bottom line?

You will not only transform and gain the promised lifestyle sooner than expected but will finally be in charge.

You’ll be gaining more power, more awareness, and more control that will fasttrack your shift to the enjoyable lifestyle.

Without the Transformative Package, you risk delaying the phenomenal lifestyle you’re capable of by months — or even years!

So allow me to share with you the upgraded transformative system.


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